The Ghiglione Gallery, stronghold of Jean-Philippe Ghiglione, painter-sculptor, located at the entrance to the village of Biot, was created in 1992, with Laurence Ghiglione, the artist's mother. Their fruitful collaboration has made La Galerie what it is today, a haven of peace where it is good to discover. In this unusual place with a surrealist atmosphere, you will discover many of the artist's creations, in his presence or by appointment, as well as all the works of artists who have shared and exhibited here. Like Heidi MELANO, mosaicist of Fernand Leger, Braque, Chagall… Pedro Veloso internationally recognized glassmaker and a number of surprises from artists who have now disappeared or temporary exhibitions from new creators. Meetings and exchanges are the heart of this 800-year-old stone house. Welcome to discover and acquire the work that will share your life and that of your heirs.